Travelling by Pedalling

About us

Hi, I’m Nina. When we started this journey in October 2021 I was 26 years old. I am a physical therapist but I’m working in disabled healthcare as a coach. I love my job, so that’s not the reason why I want to go on a journey like this. But what brought me here?

Travelling is something I always loved. Discover cultures, meeting new people and feeling free. In the past years I became more aware about the environment and our role in keeping the world clean. My study has made me think about health and all aspects to stay healthy. And I think one can’t be seen without the other. A clean world is healthy and we need that to stay healthy as humans. 

I think that making your life simple gives your mind the chance to discover more about yourself, giving room for thoughts and getting more creative. This way of travelling will give us a more healthy way of living because we will be physically active, we will life almost the entire time outside and we will try to eat as healthy as possible. 

It’s not only about health. It’s about seeing more of the world. Being in nature, meeting people and finding out other ways of living. And life with only some basic necessary things. Challenge ourselves physically and mentally. It will not always be fun and that’s alright. 

So now have seen a bit about what is going on in my head:) 

Hi my name is Quirijn, Q for short. As Nina I studied for physical therapy and that is also where we met. The last couple of years I worked at nursing home and later in a rehabilitation clinic. The last couple of years have been pretty though due to corona and the heavy workload that this brought.

After Nina’s contract was expiring and as I worked as a temp worker there was no reason not to chase our dreams of travelling. We have been dreaming and talking about it a lot and this seemed like the best time for us to go!

As a youngster I always loved to play sports. I played hockey and cricket mostly. Cricket took me all over the world even as a young kid. My first intercontinental trip was to Nairobi Kenya what made a lifelong impression and planted the travel bug. Cricket has also taken me to South-Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I feel very blessed and privileged to be able to explore so many beautiful country’s at such a young age.

During our study, we came to ear that food is a very important part of health and the more we looked into it the more we realised the impact food has on the environment as well. When you see how much damage the human race is doing to our home planet without even realising, it feels like such a shame.

We still want to go and explore the world, but not harming it in the process. That’s how we got the idea of travelling by the world by bike. We use the term “leave no trace” so we make sure we don’t harm any nature or leave any trash behind. Matter of fact, every place we stay or eat we take some trash that is laying around with us.