Travelling by Pedalling


See you later Thailand

We leave Thailand today after a month and a half of enjoying this country. Thailand has conquered a special place in our hearts and luckily we will go back to it.

The last days in the country were extra special because we stayed with Tian and Nisa. They host cyclists through Warmshowers and also like to travel by bicycle themselves. They have already discovered a lot of the world and their next trip will be Alaska. They live in a beautiful self-created forest from which they can get a lot of food. In the back of the forest they have a beautiful cabin with a kitchenette and a bathroom for their guests. We look out over the Mekong River where Laos can already be seen on the other side.

Tian and Nisa showed us another level of hospitality. We are completely pampered. Lots of good food, a beer in the evening, a coffee in the morning followed by tea, soda in the afternoon and a young coconut in between. We go from eating moment to eating moment, from one market to another. In the morning we went to a special market, partly Thai, partly Loan. From Laos you see many special products from the jungle and authentic items that Tian says are now often made of plastic in Thailand instead of reed or bamboo.

Tian and Nisa show us exactly why we love Thailand. You can laugh a lot with them. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and little is really taken seriously. The food is very important and so tasteful. Life is experienced close to nature and it is left in its value.

Every evening we walk with a bamboo stick as a “weapon” and a headlamp to our hut in case a snake or a spider comes close. Tian shows us the sparkles of all the spider eyes and the hole of the big dangerous spider. In the evening it is nice and cool, the Thai people now also call it winter. We sleep wonderfully under a warm blanket in our own cabin.

We stayed for three nights. The bikes have been completely cleaned and oiled, the laundry has been done, the water bottles have been cleaned with vinegar and the SD cards have been emptied. But we especially enjoyed the conversations with Tian and Nisa! Hopefully we will see each other again.. maybe in the south of Thailand or maybe in the Netherlands.

We were already in love with Thailand but Tian and Nisa were the icing on the cake. Thank you for letting us get to know Thailand a little better through you. Now on to Laos!!!