Travelling by Pedalling


Happy travels!

We are in Bangkok!! The journey will finally be continued. And we have decided to skip three countries because two of them are  recommended by the government not to travel through it. 

Recently we have been with friends and family and we have worked a bit aswell. We enjoyed the beautiful moments with the people we love dearly. At first we were torn away from our journey. We were used to living in the moment to experience a lot every day, to be outside and to really feel alive. But soon it was so normal again to sit at our family’s table. After a while it became a little too normal, too comfortable. The comfortable bed, the hot shower and a kitchen with everything you need. But also the less fun factors from home are shone. We are less outside, we feel more stress due to performance pressure, for example ,not the performance that we have to deliver right now, but the pressure of our future. We see our friends with their nice houses, children and full-time well-paid jobs. We get questions about our future and some people hint that they think that what we are doing now is a waste but at the same time incredible. 

What we have noticed during our trip is that there can be a lot coming your way and you will automatically find a way ahead. Don’t struggle too much or get stuck in your head. And of course you also  have to make an effort and you have to work hard, but we prefer to live with the freedom not to know where we will be in 5 years. As I write this I have to laugh at myself. This is how I want to live but we have talked so much about the future in recent times. But in addition, this journey has brought us so much more. We see the beauty of people, of nature, we get to know ourselves and see our behavior and thoughts very clearly and we discover our powers and weaknesses. In our last days in Turkey we met Joost and Marijke. We have talked a lot about life and travelling and what stayed with me was that we can just have fun. We live so short and we often have the idea that we should make ourselves useful all the time, but having fun is not bad. Simply fun can also just be there. 

Now we will start again with the next stage of our trip. We are going to discover completely different cultures and landscapes. Being at home has shown us how special this life is. That you experience something new every day and therefore you can keep your days very well apart where everything at home flows into one another. 

We are going to live life in the MOMENT again and enjoy it! And that starts today. We have been on the plane for eleven hours and have arrived on Bangkok on my (Nina) birthday.  A good reason for a party! 

Ps. We are amazed with the positive reactions of everyone who follows us. We appreciate that you take the time to read our blogs and follow us. And thank you for the coffees that we may have preceive from some of you!