Travelling by Pedalling


Our Iranian family!

We are staying in a cave with our tent. The environment is very special. You see how the earthly plates slide over each other and create special rock formations. They are like waves on earth with clean lines with color difference. It is dry and warm but luckily it cools down quickly once the sun has set.

We have been in Tabriz for the past few days with Shirin and Reza. They welcomed us so with open arms. They told us we can stay as long as we want and every day we can go somewhere. We went to Kandovan, a little village that looks similar to Cappadocia  but here it is inhabited and many people come for day trips. Local products are sold everywhere as well as good food. People have a picnic with their whole family and some have their tents with them. It was great to have seen a little insight to the Iranian culture. 

The next days we explore Tabriz. In the evening we went to the park with Shirin and Reza and their friends. We drink tea, walk around and eat street food. 

The next day we walk to a beautiful viewpoint above the city. And in the evening we meet Rezas family, who cooked us a delicious home made Iranian meal, nothing like we have ever tasted before. A couple days later we go and meet Shirins parents at their arts and crafts shop and later meet the rest of their family at her brother-in-laws workshop for a bbq. We have a really nice evening there but know we are going to continue our journey soon.

Shirin and Reza are very beautiful people. We got to know Iran very well through them. Talking about politics and history, about choices they make and their environment. We tell each other about how we deal with different aspects of life. We felt so at home with them and would like to stay much longer. We don’t say goodbye but see you in the future! We made two very good friends. Thanks for the warm time, the smiles, the fun we had together!! 

We wish for both of them that their emigration process to Australia will go well and that we will meet them there somewhere in the near future 🙂