Travelling by Pedalling



We have arrived in Cappadocia! This is a moment we have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Ever since we knew we where going to make this bike trip and that we would be cycling through Turkey we knew one thing for curtain, and that was that we have to go to Cappadocia. 

Cappadocia is not really a place but more of an area. We visited the small village of Gorme, it is very touristy but Nice. You can see that everything is set up for tourism, go karting through the valleys, horseback riding during sunset and ofcourse a hot airballon at sunrise. 

As we were travelling with a big group of bikepackers, everybody had had their own tips of where to stay in Cappadocia. We eventually went to a campspot that a friend of Sixtine recommended. It was a beautiful spot. On top of a valley with a perfect view to see the hot airballons at sunrise.

The first night was really nice. It was good to catch up with Sixtine and Tom again and we had a lot to share. Also we met Margot and Emile, new (cycling) friends from France. And with Tini and Henry we can always talk for hours on end. 

Time flew by way to quick and the sunset was spectaculair! But that now means we have to cook and set up our tents in the dark. We are all hoping that the ballons will take of in the morning because they didnt this morning due to heavy winds. 

The next morning we woke up to an incredible view. The twilight of the rising sun with the colorful ballons filling the sky was just amazing. Everybody got out of there tent with the brightest smiles, this is what we came here for.

It was a chilly morning so everybody was wrapped up in their sleepingbags, watching the view. Q couldn’t stop making photos and must have taken around one thousands photos. 

Some of the ballons fly just by our campspot and the driver was even cracking jokes about asking directions to Istanbul. After the spectucal most people went back to there beds, because we had to wake up very early to watch the show.

After breakfast and when everybody was packed up we decided to go to a campsite so we can leave our belongings there and discover the rest of Cappadocia without having to worry about our stuff. 

The rest of the day we used to do some shopping and relax. Today was a good day!

The next morning Q and Emile went to explore the valley next to the campsite and see the ballons from there. It wasn’t as spectacular as yesterdays view but still pretty amazing. 

The valleys in Cappadocia have these amazing shapes, that are made by years and years of erosion. The landscape feels a bit like a different planet! There are these pointy shaped rocks that people used to live in. They carved out the stone to make it into there houses and we even visited a church. 

After getting back to the camp most people went there own way, but we went to explore with Tini and Henry. We went to one of the most touristy spots where we had to pay to get in and lots of tourist were as well. We decided not to go in but cycle a little further. We went into a different valley what was absolutely stunning with almost no one else around. Thats the nice thing about Cappadocia. It is really touristy but you can find your way around them and feel like you are the only one there for a while.

After another nice day of visiting valleys and cave homes we had an great shared meal where everyone chipped in. After diner we decided to go for a walk in the valley next to the campsite. The valley is really big and beautiful. We kept an eye out for good looking caves because we are planning on sleeping in one. After the sunset we spend together something special occurred. This evening was the first time we witnessed an moon rise, and not just any moonrise it was a supermoon. After this we headed back to the campsite with enough light from the moon that you could see everything in the dark. Th light of the moon gave the soft rock formation a magical glow. What a great way to end the day.

The next morning Emile and Margot had left early. We were once again with the Belgium crew. Henry and Tini decided that they would also continue there journey by themselves for now. They want to visit on underground city about 30km away, and we decided to stay for one more day to sleep in one of thees cave homes with Sixtine and Tom, before separating again. 

After a great week with Tini and Henry we said our goodbyes. We had so much fun travelling with them and learned a lot! Thank you for the great memories. 

The last night we find a perfect abandoned cave with two floors, there are windows and enough place for four persons. Outside we cook ourselfs a nice last supper for us all and make our beds in the cave. We decide to do a movie night and use our tabled to watch a movie. It was a nice idea but after ten minutes everyone was already asleep. We are not used to stay up after the sun is down. 

The next day we cycle out of the area of Cappadocia with Sixtine and Tom and have lunch somewhere before our ways split. Now we also say goodbye to Sixtine and Tom. From a group of eight cyclists to the two of us. It feels strange but also good.  

Our next goal will be fixing our visa for Iran.