Travelling by Pedalling


Travelling together  

We are on our way to Dalyan from Marmaris. When we get up we notice that the air quality in the city is very bad due to a large fire outside the city. It is ultimately a fire that will rage for several days due to the strong winds that have been present lately. We got up early again and the day goes by quick. At the beginning we enjoy the environment and even a little bit of cold air, but later we are mainly concerned with the end point. We are tired but want to continue. When we arrive in Dalyan we have cycled 85 kilometers before 12 noon. We want nothing more than to relax in the shade. So we do and we fall asleep in the grass with restaurants, music, and vendors all around us. We wake up tired and decide to cycle to the turtle beach.

Once we arrived we meet Sixtine and Tom. A Belgian couple from the French part who also travel by bike. We get to talking and find out that we have a lot in common with our travel style. Don’t cycle too many miles, but above all experience the country and meet the people. What we didn’t know at the time was that we would eventually travel together for a week.

It is very nice to cycle with others. You discover new ways of doing things. Making many stops in villages for Chai and something to eat, a short nap in between of up to fifteen minutes, set up the tent in a park in the middle of the village and wash ourselves at the mosque.

Along the way we meet two other travelers on the bike with whom we cycle for half a day. Now we cycle in a train of six people!! People look up in amazement and it feels very special to be in such a large group. It feels like we belong. That evening we drink a beer together on the beach and set up our tent next to the beach on a piece of land with barking dogs next to us behind a fence that don’t want us there. 

We really enjoyed Sixtine and Tom. We had the greatest fun and enjoyed the relaxed way of travelling. We have experienced our last days on the coast with them. When we say goodbye to them, we say goodbye to the sea at the same time. And move inland.