Travelling by Pedalling


The week of opposites

The week started very relaxed. We ended up staying in the same place for four nights. That was not the intention at all, but it was so nice overthere!

The first two rest days we enjoyed lying in the sun and reading a book. The weather was beautiful. And we’ve been able to check off some small tasks from our list. I sewed a hole in my pants, we had some small holes in the tent that we taped and I took some time for the blog.

The third rest day was a very spontaneous one. We were actually just planning to go cycling, but at breakfast we sat reading our books and drinking coffee, followed by a cup of tea and why not another cup of tea!! After sitting so relaxed for a while we had to laugh and we didn’t need words to agree that it will be our third rest day. Alright then! Stay one more night here. That day we took a walk in the area and we cycled back to Hvar without bags to take a walk there and explore the city.

We have a great first day of cycling after so much rest. We are a bit disappointed with the feeling in our legs. We expected them to feel like we can handle anything, but on the contrary. They feel like lead and we have to slowely het back in the grove. It is a warm day, the wind is blowing a bit but the wind also feels warm. The battery of our kilometer tractor is empty, so we don’t pay attention to kilometers and, strangely enough, not to the time either. All day long we do everything by feel, which feels great. We stop when our legs need rest or the saddle pain gets too severe, we eat something when we get hungry. We end our day in a beautiful spot next to a botanical garden that is closed but there is a hammock that we can use. Q is going to cook and I still have some time to read my book. Then have a good night’s sleep.

The last day on the island has arrived. Today it is a lot colder, the wind is from the northeast and it is a strong wind with strong gusts. It’s still okay on the island. We want to catch the ferry at 1 pm and we have to cycle 27 km. We arrive well in time and decide to have a coffee somewhere and play a game. When we get to the mainland we only notice how hard it is storming today. The wind is terrifying, especially as we cycle on busy roads and Croäts tend to rush right past you with the car. Not everyone, some do drive with a big bow around us! The wind gusts push us in all directions and sometimes it is unclear where they actually come from. After a long day of cycling we have had enough. We find one of the many unfinished houses where we set up camp. Hopefully it will protect us from the wind tonight.

In general, the house has protected us well, but every now and then the wind was so strong that the tent was still blown back and forth. We’ve had a restless night and are both tired and not in our best mood. We have a big day to go today. We have a goal.. Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina! But we will have a headwind all day and yesterday’s storm hasn’t abated yet. And yes it is tough but we still arrive early with 60 km with full headwind on the counter. We are tired and want to arrange a place to sleep. That turns out to be difficult without internet and a budget that we want to stick to. We are no longer in the EU so we can’t use our mobile phone. We look around a bit and eventually we arrive at a good place. We are tired but Mostar gives us new energy! The host of the apartment where we sleep is super welcoming and even does our laundry for us. We don’t have to worry about anything anymore. We eat a sandwich and explore the city with fresh energy. We end the day with a delicious meal with a well deserved beer in a restaurant! And then go to sleep on time with a satisfied feeling.

Today we further explored Mostar after a wonderfully quiet morning. It has a very beautiful old city center, everywhere things are sold with Turkish influences, which gives the city color. Furthermore, we see a lot of damage from the war which is impressive. And crazy to think that most people who live here have experienced the war. Before we go we eat lunch at a very nice restaurant that works on one grill on an open fire. The restaurant is called Tima-Irma, which refers to the names of the two sisters who run it and who cook delicious meals for you.

We notice that we are a bit swept along by this city. Eat out twice and sleep in an apartment. That was not quite the intention! Our budget won’t last forever and certainly not like this. Even though it is cheap here in Bosnia. We agree to live less luxuriously from now on. But still looking back on a wonderful 24 hours in Mostar. Today we cycled a part that we also cycled on the way to Mostar and we stop at the place where we had our lunch break yesterday. There is a shelter and the weather forecast indicates that we can  really use it to keep it dry tonight.

Tomorrow we will continue towards Croatia to Dubrovnik from where we will follow the coastline again. Now sleep well in our tent next to the fast flowing river Neretv