Travelling by Pedalling


Two national borders in 24 hours 

Last week we switched from our own route to the existing EuroVelo8. It’s a wonderful change. The route is a bit of a detour but the roads are quieter and the surroundings are beautiful!

We are cycling a lot along the coast. We passed through areas that were completely built for tourism and are now completely extinct. Except for some working people who are busy preparing for the busy time.

Summer has suddenly arrived. We cycle in shorts and a tank top and enjoy the breeze that is still present. We leave early in the morning and take a siesta in the sun or in the shade. We are enjoying it a lot!

We cycle along the village of Grado. It is located on an island and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is called the ‘island of the sun’ by the local people. We take an espresso at a coffee bar that is busy with the local people. Everyone knows each other and chats. A beautiful spectacle. We continue again. And cycle along the coast and are treated with a very large group of flamingos standing in the sea.

We cycle through the city of Trieste. The last big city in Italy. The border to Slovenia is getting closer and closer. We think about the good time we had in Italy. Nice open people who are often up for a chat or just a big smile and a Ciao! Beautiful views of the mountains with white peaks as you cycle along the coast with clear blue water.  Nice coffee, pizza and pasta. And the unforgettable hospitality!

We cycle into Slovenia and it immediately feels different. The people don’t say a word and don’t look up or back when you cycle by. But the country is beautiful! All small vegetable gardens and gardens in which people live. Everything well kept, not tight, rather a bit messy but very inviting. A lot of height difference with beautiful views as a reward. And nice cycle paths everywhere. We could still reach the Croatian border the same day, but decide to stay here overnight at a closed campsite on the coastline of the city of Izola. An early stop where we get to chat with a Slovenian couple and their child who also like cycling and travelling.

The Slovenian coast was beautiful and we get a very good feeling in this country. The outdoors and the active lifestyle. There are good facilities and the people are nice. But after a short and powerful visit we continue again. Today is a rest day in Croatia! We look for a campsite that is open and enjoy a lovely shower, wash our things and clean the chain of the bicycle. We are working on our to do list all day long. At the wind of the day we are tired and ready to sleep well. Unfortunately sea fog comes around and the light house where we sleep next to has to send sounds out to sea for boats. Which makes for a restless night.

Croatia.. We will cycle through it for a long time. We are curious! So far it has brought us heavy climbs and long descents. Very cold winds, delicious pine scents, beautiful coastlines and deserted villages/parks for mass tourism.

We are now lying on a fishing bay with a beautiful setting sun. Good night!