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Making a pot cozy

What is a pot cozy?
A pot cozy is a cover around your pan that is used to insulate it. It is made with insulating material such as car window insulation. It ensures that your food stays nice and warm, but also that you can easily eat out of your pan because you can hold the pan. It will feel warm but you won’t burn your hands. In addition, you can also spare your fuel. We cook our food just to boiling temperature and then we turn off the fire and place our pan in the pot cozy.

What do you need?
Your pan, scissors, a marker or pen, a ruler, insulation foil and tape. It can be duck tape or insulation tape.

How do you make a pot cozy?
You put your pan on the foil and draw a circle around the bottom. That you also do with the lid of your pan. You cut this out. Then place the pan on its side. You don’t want the foil to go over the edge, but just a little below this in case you want to drink out of your pan. You roll the foil around your pan and draw a line at the points where you are going to cut it. You don’t want it to be too tight around the pan so give it some space. You cut it out. You also do this with the lid. You want the lid to overlap a bit. Make it as wide as necessary for your pan. My pan has handles on the side. I made a cove on the side so I can hold the handles while sliding it into the pot cozy.
Now begins the point where you have to take your time. Have a drink and try not to get frustrated! You are now going to stick everything with tape. Roll the foil around your pan and tape the two ends together. Cut many short pieces of tape and glue the bottom of the pot cozy to the side of the pot cozy. Do the same with the lid. When everything is taped together, also tape the edges of the pot cozy, so that it is nicely finished and the pan slides in well.


Every pan is different so get creative and make it just the way you like it.